Thursday, November 16, 2006

Remember the Dolphins' of 2005?

Coach Nick Saban doesn't want to talk about it, even though it was very cool as I recall. The Dolphins had been kind of floundering, and then they hit their stride and produced six wins in a row to wrap up the 2005 season. Our current two in a row is not yet of that magnitude, but I have a lot of confidence that we can add at least one more pearl to the string when the Vikings come to town.

If I haven't jinxed us.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Miami’s Surprise for the Bears

Okay, I’ll admit it now. I was a little surprised myself that our Dolphins were the ones to snap the Bears’ perfect record. Plus, we did it at Soldier Field. I don’t think the Bears ever truly believed they would achieve what has only been done once in NFL history – a perfect unbeaten season. (Let’s see, what team was that? Oh, yeah, the Miami Dolphins.) But lots of Chicago fans figured it would happen on the road, say, visiting the New York Giants or New England Patriots.

It almost always feels better to win rather than lose, but this was extra good because it was unexpected, and because the Dolphins now get a few days without being analyzed to death about why their season has not gotten off the ground until now.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Speaking of Miami Football

I don’t think it will cheer me up, but I think I’ll talk about that other struggling local football team, the Miami Hurricanes. Well, I actually wanted to compliment Brian Costa at the Miami Herald for his insightful assessment of U of Miami’s bowl game prospects. Costa noted that Miami’s recent bowl history includes all of these famous gridiron classics: Peach, Orange, Fiesta, and Rose Bowls.

Then he pointed out that their opportunities for this season may read “more like the Yellow Pages.: Meaning Champs Sports, MCP Computers, or Meineke Car Care Bowls. With that one observation, he managed to convey both what a crummy year this normally dominant football school is having and how cheesy those commercialized bowl game names sound when you say them out loud.

I was right. That didn’t cheer me up.