Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dolphins on a Roll

The Miami Dolphins are approaching the season’s end on a five game winning streak. Their latest win over the Tennessee Titans was an exceptional example of the talent and spirit this team has consistently shown since the end of November. The Dolphins gained the AFC’s longest winning streak and their highest rushing total of the year. Miami faces the New England Patriots next week and lost to them once this season already. Hopefully they can perform flawlessly keep the November loss from breaking their positive stride of the past five games.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winning Streak to Continue Against Titans

We have three players going to the Pro Bowl this year. Linebacker Zach Thomas and defensive end Jason Taylor will be going again, and wide receiver Chris Chambers will be headed there for his first time ever. After the last four wins, fans have been very happy with this Miami Dolphins team and are waiting in nervous anticipation for our games against the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots. Both are teams we have the ability to dominate. The Patriots beat us earlier in the season but hopefully our players can get past that and play like we know they can after this beautiful winning streak.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Frerotte and Chambers Shock Chargers

The Dolphins defeat of the Chargers came at a bad time for San Diego. They needed the win to have a chance at going to the Playoffs and couldn’t reach the goal. We are now in the running for the AFC East title and may have a chance if we continue to play like we have been. This is the Miami Dolphins third win in a row and it was all thanks to two players. Gus Frerotte passed to Chris Chambers for two touchdowns in the third quarter. Chambers had eight catches for a total of 121 yards of offense and Frerotte completed more than half of his passes for 229 yards.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dolphins Pull Out a Fourth Quarter Win

The Miami Dolphins really got some payback in their 24-23 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Things were looking desolate after the first quarter with the Bills up 21-0. The Dolphins looked defeated and there really was no reason for the fans to think they could come back from a deficit like that. Coach Nick Saban must have said something right in the locker room at the half, because a different team came onto the field for the third quarter. The Dolphins stopped making mistakes and made some big plays against the dwindling Bills defense. Miami never lost their cool and pulled out the win in the final seconds of the game.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Raiders Sunk by Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins shined in their game against the Oakland Raiders beating them 33-21. This win represents our best offensive effort since our first regular season game with the Denver Broncos. Vonnie Holiday sacked Oakland’s quarterback Kerry Collins three times and Ricky Williams went 34 yards for a touchdown in the final four minutes of the game. Great plays like these were a common occurrence in this game and it almost felt like we were a better team than our record reflects. Everyone knows that is true, however we have to work our defense before anything really big can happen for us.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Injuries Plague Losing Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins had their seventh loss against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and the season is looking lost for good. We have won the last six games against the Browns so it is no surprise they came into this game ready to make big plays. With Zach Thomas out with a shoulder injury our defense was weakened. We were kept to 67 yards passing because Frerotte was playing injured and Sage Rosenfels started the game but was benched after throwing 2 interceptions and only completing half of his passes. I hate to dwell on the negative but we just don’t have a cohesive structure on offense and we aren’t playing well as a team. It is time to focus on Oakland though and with their record we have a good chance of pulling off a win if we have more healthy players to work with by next week.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Patriots Win over Dolphins

Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots carried with it a heavy price. Gus Frerotte injured his right index finger and is listed as questionable for our game against the Cleveland Browns. We had a chance in the last quarter to score again but Frerotte’s fourth-down pass went incomplete and became a crucial turnover. The Patriots defense was impenetrable, fast and just too effective against the run and the pass. Tom Brady was the star that night completing two touchdown passes to Benjamin Watson and throwing for just under 300 yards. Hopefully we can do something about this 3-6 record.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Miami Dolphins Win By 3

The Miami Dolphins came out ahead of the Carolina Panthers with a 27-24 victory. The Dolphins are looking good for the first time in awhile. The next week is their bye week, so that will get them rested for their next game against Buffalo Bills in Buffalo. The Dolphins will not be at home for three weeks, but then they’ve got to come home and face the Kansas City Chiefs. This is going to be a long three weeks for the Miami Dolphins, but at least they have a chance to make some Ws on the road this year.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Miami Dolphins Win Their Opener

Miami Dolphins winning over the Denver Broncos 34-10, the Dolphins rushing 33 times and having 151 total rushing yards makes it seem that the Miami Dolphins were just pounding the ball. You have to feel bad for the Denver Broncos losing 2 players to injuries, of which Champ Bailey might be out for the season with a shoulder injury. The Miami Dolphins look better this year than seasons in the past, giving them a hope for the wild card! Gus Frerotte having 275 passing yards leaving him fifth for the opener. Opening day is the most important game to win--the first game the teams play usually determines your season, and if it does, the Miami Dolphins are looking great. Their next game is against the New York Jets at the Meadowlands--with the Jets coming off a loss, they will be ready to play.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dolphins Looking Good

The Miami Dolphins winning against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-14 should give the Dolphins a chance to hang their head up high. Especially since this Thursday they are playing the Atlanta Falcons and the exciting Michael Vick. I really think that the Atlanta Falcons will give the Miami Dolphin’s defense a good exercise by doing a lot of running and chasing. This game will be at the Dolphins Stadium, and then the Dolphins will start their season at home on the 11th of September against the Denver Broncos. The best part of the Miami Dolphins schedule is that the home games should be loaded with excitement. Ricky Williams starting at HB will give them a chance at throwing the ball when Ricky Williams starts getting those long runs for first downs.

Question for thought--Who do you think will be the next running back to pass up all Emmitt Smith’s records?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Passing Game

There is excitement around the locker room, well it is mostly the receivers getting excited, but Chris Chambers feels the 05’ season will bring a heavier passing attack. With the addition of offensive coordinator Scott Linehan from Minnesota I would get excited too. The only problem I see is at the Quarterback position. Some one needs to step up and throw the long ball.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Keith Traylor

The Miami Dolphins upgraded their defensive line with the addition of Keith Traylor. Traylor, a 14-year veteran of the game, has had his fair share of experience in the game. Not only has he played for five different teams and assisted them greatly, Traylor also has been a part of a three Super Bowl championship teams (including the 2004 Patriots). The Patriots released him in early May and after the release of Billy Strother the Dolphins had the space to fill.

Keith Traylor was originally drafted in 1991 by the Denver Broncos in the third round. During his career up to date, Traylor has tallied 459 tackles (316 solo), including 13 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 11 forced fumbles.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Boston Stays

David Boston has been re-signed with the Miami Dolphins. Because of this, undrafted college free agent Tony Madison, who was just signed recently, will be waived by the Dolphins.

Boston did not have that productive of a year last season on account of a season-ending injury he sustained in a practice game against the Texans in early August. He was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, where he was a first round choice in 1999. He then played four years with the Cards and then moved over to the Chargers. In 2004, Boston came over to the Dolphins.

In 2001, Boston was fierce being selected into the NFC Pro Bowl squad with a record of 98 passes for 1,598 yards and eight touchdowns.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Team Report:

- from

The Dolphins started mining the veteran cornerback market when they had former New England Pro Bowler Ty Law visit this week after losing second-year CB Will Poole to injury. In addition to Law, Terrell Buckley has expressed interest in playing for the Dolphins again and the team could look at R.W. McQaurters if he is let go. Don't expect the Dolphins to pay a lot of money for any veteran they sign. However, the depth at cornerback is suspect. After Sam Madison, the team has Reggie Howard, Mario Edwards and rookie Travis Daniels. None of them have great recovery speed and Daniels could end up as a safety. . . .

The Dolphins are hoping that Poole will be able to recover in time to play at least part of the season. Poole tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. If he can recover in five months, he might be able to play in the second half of the season. The Dolphins are hoping for that because they want Poole, who was a possible starter before the injury, to learn the defense and so that the new coaching staff can get a better evaluation of him. . . .

Fifth-round pick LT Anthony Alabi is every bit the project the Dolphins considered him to be when they took him. Alabi is a terrific athlete, but he looks more like a tight end right now than an offensive tackle. Alabi needs to put on a good 20 pounds to be ready to handle the rigors of playing in the NFL, let alone at left tackle.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Will Poole

During minicamps, Will Poole suffered a torn ACL. This makes the possibility for the cornerback to start the season at a maybe. Poole position will be filled for the time being by Reggie Howard, Mario Edwards and rookie Travis Daniels.

Poole had his rookie year with the Dolphins during the 2004 season where he racked in 37 tackles, one sack and one kickoff return for 22 yards.

"It's unfortunate when any player gets hurt. But when it happens before the start of the season, it means he doesn't have the opportunity to prove or disprove whether he can contribute to the team's success and to determine what role he can best play. When Will recovers from his injury, hopefully [he'll get] the opportunity to prove what he can or can't do."
- Dolphins Head Coach Nick Saban

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Nick Saban just finished off the first minicamp for rookies this season. It gave a good opportunity for players new and veteran to the team to become associated with the Saban style. Veteran players were required to view the practice in order to make mental notes of what they see. All fans can catch a view of the practice through the Dolphins official website through

Thursday, April 28, 2005

First Choice: Running Back

- from the official site of the Miami Dolphins

The Nick Saban era in South Florida officially kicked off as the NFL held its 70th annual Draft. In the first round, the Dolphins selected running back Ronnie Brown from Auburn University. Miami selected defensive end Matt Roth from Iowa in the second round. The Dolphins drafted linebacker Channing Crowder from the University of Florida in the third round. In the fourth round, Miami selected cornerback Travis Daniels from Louisiana State. The Dolphins drafted offensive tackle Anthony Alabi from Texas Christian in the fifth round. In the seventh round, Miami selected defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson from Michigan State.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


- from

The team likely will target the best player available with its first pick, which could be Michigan WR Braylon Edwards or one of two quarterbacks: Cal's Aaron Rodgers or Utah's Alex Smith. Though the Dolphins have a good group of receivers, new offensive coordinator Scott Linehan emphasizes throwing downfield. Getting Edwards would give Miami exceptional depth at receiver and allow it to run the three-receiver alignments Linehan prefers. Smith is a favorite of Linehan, who recruited him in college, but has to learn to play under center rather than in the shotgun. The Dolphins also have scouted former Florida State QB Adrian McPherson, who put on a show at his workout but is dogged by gambling allegations from his college days and will be a mid- to late-round pick.

If the Dolphins don't take a running back in the first round, Cal's J.J. Arrington or Florida's Ciatrick Fason could be options at No. 70. Through the rest of the draft, look for the Dolphins to rebuild an aging defense with an emphasis on linebacker, safety and tackle. Saban would like to get a linebacker/end similar to the Patriots' Mike Vrabel who would allow the team to switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


The draft is beginning soon and this is the first time that it will be happening under Nick Saban as new coach for the Dolphins. What are we to expect from his choices?

This is Saban’s first year participating in football on the league level. Before his newly acquired five-year contract with the Dolphins, Saban was coaching on the college level for some 26 years. Most recently, Saban was head coach for Louisiana State University.

Saban has had a very prolific career coaching college ball, only being on a losing team for 3 years of his stint as a coach. Lets hope he can do just as well acquiring us a winning team.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Draft Party

For all Dolphins fans, to be right there amidst the action put this tidbit on you calendar. The Dolphins will be hosting their annual Draft Party at the Shula Steak 2 on April 23rd from 11-4. The event is completely free and it gives the fans a chance to get a little more intimate with the players being the plays. Players will be signing autographs and the first steps to developing a new team will unfold right before your eyes. Coach Nick Saban, new to the franchise, will also contribute to the event.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pre-Draft Press Conference

- from the official site of the Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Nick Saban will hold a pre-draft press availability on Thursday, April 7, at 4:30 p.m. (ET). Dol-Fans can watch live, streaming video of the press conference only on

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Draft Buzz:

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The biggest priority for the Dolphins is to move down in the draft. The Dolphins wouldn't mind taking a quarterback in this draft, but likely won't in the first round at No. 2 overall because there are other needs and the team doesn't pick again until the third round at No. 70 overall. The team needs an infusion of youth at defensive tackle, linebacker and could use at least a solid contender for Lamar Gordon at running back. If the team stays at the No. 2 spot and can't trade down, look for them to take the best offensive player available, possibly WR Braylon Edwards or RB Ronnie Brown.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Nick Saban

Last year, running back Ricky Williams left the Dolphins on account of failing a drug test. Not only did this cause problem for Williams, who seemingly had no problem in leaving the team, but this created a gap of $8.6 million in his contract unfulfilled.

Now, with the addition of Nick Saban as the new coach, we can look at the possibility of Williams returning. Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga is leaving the reins of control all in Saban’s hands. Huizenga looks at it like “I'll do what Nick wants to do.”

"His (Saban) approach is just different; very methodical. The way he talks about his players, what they need to do, how they need to react, what he expects out of them. You know, a game plan is one thing, but execution is something else. It's different, no doubt about it."
- Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga

There is some ongoing hostility with Williams. For the most part, he abandoned the team and has some sort of reparations to make. But, we can only wait and see what time will reveal.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tebucky Jones

- from the official site of the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins today signed free agent safety Tebucky Jones to a two-year contract. Jones, a seven-year NFL veteran who was a first-round draft choice of New England in 1998 (22nd overall), spent the last two seasons with New Orleans. He was released by the Saints on Tuesday.

In his NFL career, the 30-year old Jones has played in 103 regular season games, including 66 starts, and has tallied 385 tackles, six interceptions, 41 passes defensed, six fumble recoveries and four forced fumbles. With the Saints in 2004, he started all 16 games at free safety and finished third on the team with a career-high 110 tackles and an interception. The 6-2, 220-pounder spent the first five years of his career with Patriots and was a member of the New England squad that captured the Super Bowl title in 2001, when he started 12 contests. He began his career as a cornerback before being moved to free safety in 2000. He was traded to the Saints on April 15, 2003 in exchange for third- and seventh-round draft choices in 2003 and a fourth-round pick in 2004.

Jones also has made an impact on special teams throughout his career, having recorded 69 tackles, including 28 in his rookie season of 1998 with the Patriots. He also has a blocked field goal and a blocked PAT to his credit.

Jones spent the first three years of his collegiate career at Syracuse as a running back before making the switch to defensive back for his senior year of 1997. Born October 6, 1974, Jones attended New Britain (Conn.) High School.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Dolphins Signing

The Dolphins have been signing some different players. Donnie Spragan, formerly part of the Denver Broncos for the last three seasons, comes to the Dolphins with a two-year contract.

Spragan Stats from the Line:
  • Started 22 of the 32 games in last 2 years
  • Last yr: 65 tackles, a sack, a fumble recovery

On top of this, quarterback Sage Rosenfels is being re-signed to the Dolphins. Rosenfels began his career as a fourth-round draft pick of the Washington Redskins. He came over to the Dolphins in 2002 in replace for a seventh-round draft choice. In his NFL career, he has made 20 of 48 passes for 314 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Kevin Carter and the Dolphins

Coming from the University of Florida originally, Kevin Carter is joining the Miami Dolphins and coming home. Carter was released from the Titans this past February 22nd. He has signed onto Miami for a five year contract.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to add someone of Kevin’s caliber to our defense. Kevin has been a quality player who has contributed to winning teams in both St. Louis and Tennessee, including a Super Bowl championship with the Rams. In addition, he has been a positive influence in the locker room throughout his career, and we’re looking for him to add to our veteran leadership with the Dolphins."
- Dolphins Head Coach Nick Saban

Carter began his career with the St. Louis Rams where he helped in pushing the Rams to a Super Bowl championship. Afterwards, he spent his latter four years of his time with the Titans.

Various Stats:

  • 160 regular season games
  • 598 tackles
  • 86 sacks
  • 16 forced fumbles

Thursday, March 03, 2005

What’s Miami Doing?

- from

Despite the strong need for a left tackle, don't look for the Dolphins to pursue top free agent Jonas Jennings, which means the Dolphins may be forced to draft a left tackle or go through the scrap heap for one. Jennings wants a signing bonus of at least $10 million for a long-term contract and the Dolphins simply don't think he's worth that. Jennings, who plays for Buffalo, has done a nice job in his matchups with DE Jason Taylor in the past. However, the Dolphins are in such a precarious position against the salary cap that they can't afford to make such a huge investment in a player who is probably only above average, if that. . . .

The team cut QB Jay Fiedler, and there is no chance he will be re-signed. The Dolphins want to make a clean break so that there is no chance that his presence will be a distraction from the effort to have A.J. Feeley become as good as he can possibly be. Last season, the team was simply too split by the presence of Fiedler while Feeley was competing for the job. Fiedler had earned great respect from teammates for not only being a gritty, tough guy, but also for winning as much as he did. Even though the team wants to sign a veteran to back up and compete with Feeley, the feeling is that Fiedler would cause disruption by his mere presence. The Dolphins saved $6.4 million by letting go of Fiedler.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Marino in the Hall of Fame

Dan Marino, along with Steve Young, has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as one of the most inspired quarterbacks of all time. Both of these men were selected for their versatility on the field. Marino played all his years with the Dolphins and always kept them a powerful team. Young’s speed and accuracy won him this honor.

They were joined by Bennie Friedman and Fritz Pollard. The inductions will occur officially on August 7th in Canton, Ohio.

Notable achievements by Marino:

• 4,967 completions
• 8,358 passes w/ 61,361 yards
• 420 touchdowns
• 1984 League MVP
• 3 All-Pro Teams and 9 Pro Bowls

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Can Cedric Benson become a part of the Dolphins?

A lot of controversy has spurred from the possibility of running back Cedric Benson joining the Dolphins. During his four years at the University of Texas (Go Horns!!!), Benson has provided over 1000 yards and has proved to be an imperative asset to the team.

The skepticism still remains due to Ricky Williams, former UT graduate and Dolphin. Williams joined the team and then cut his vocation with the Dolphins short in order to pursue his own spirituality.

Ricky Williams was a mentor to the up and coming Benson and now Miami has the difficulty deciding whether Benson will be as problematic. We all don’t want to go to court, right Ricky?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New additions will hopefully help us out..

Nick Saban made his first official roster moves with the Dolphins on Tuesday, as the team signed eight players to "future" contracts for 2005. Of the eight, five ended the 2004 season on the Dolphins practice squad.

Those six are DE Ronald Flemons , T Tony Pape , DB Ricky Sharpe, G Jamil Soriano and LB Winston Taylor.

The other three players signed Tuesday were long-snapper William Delahoussaye, WR James Newson and DE Matt Walter. Delahoussaye was in Dolphins training camp last summer; Newson was in Dallas' camp; while Walters was with the Jets.

Incidentally, one of the two players who ended the season on the Miami practice squad but were not signed Tuesday was 2003 fifth-round pick J.R. Tolver.

I am excited to report this, because I am hoping that this is a beginning of a overhaul of this team. Saban seems to be comfortable already, but only time will tell if he is the coach that he has been made out to be. There has not been any Ricki news latley, and the fact of the matter is that even if the does come back, he will be looked down on by everyone in the league, and probably spark a controversy. So lets keep our eyes and ears open, and who knows what could happen with the Dolphins next.