Saturday, August 21, 2004

We got off with one win..

With the win against the Jags, you never know how things could go. Ofcourse with the loss of Ricki Williams , everyone believed that we ahd to rely on Williams to do everything for us, but now since he is gone, it seems as if we have learned to not rely on our running game as much. As for the fact of no having him, it hurts us nonetheless but Im hoping we can pick up a few new players before the season starts and get passed this. I really hope we can have a great season, but with the chaos we have been having , we need to get it done in a timely fashion or before we know it season will start and we will be stuck without a running back and a wide reciever... but as for now we can onyl cheer hard and hope for the best. Now lets get out there and get em Dolphins!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Outlook not good

Im sure every football fan in America has heard of the rescent ordeal involving Ricki Williams. He basically quit on his own terms not thinking about anyone else. Anyways, the Dolphins are having trouble replacing him aswell as deciding who they are going to put as recievers. With all the confusion , I believe it will be hard to have any Superbowl hopes this year( even though i wish it weren't true.) We will have to see how big of a problem missing Mr. Williams will have on the team in the preseason game against Jacksonville. Even though the odds aren't good, we need to still have faith in the Dolphins. Go Dolphins, Beat the Jags!